Jacks panties

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Clouds ? Dogs ? Dogs in the clouds? Clouds shaped like dogs? This pattern is completely wacky. Go ahead my big girl, count the dogs on your panties! You can all give them a name: Fido, Charlot, Princess, Benji.

Adjusted cotton jersey panties with an exclusive and truly unisex pattern.

Because your precious one deserve supreme comfort. And what does your little treasure want as underwear?

- No elastic that leaves marks on the thighs

- Super soft fabric

- And no label that '' stings ''!

Well there you have found the perfect underwear. All in jersey, even on the thighs and waist, and a sticker label that will satisfy the most sensitive, mom's word!

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The location of the pattern may vary.

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Care instructions: As easy to wash as to wear! All our products can go to the washer and dryer, medium cycle