Panties pig

Do you see it through the large banana leaves, a small pink spot hiding? We found you, naughty little pig. Even with your sun glasses, we recognize you!

Perfect pattern for the little one who wants to play hide and seek again and again.

Adjusted cotton jersey panties with an exclusive and truly unisex pattern.

Because your precious one deserve supreme comfort. And what does your little treasure want as underwear?

- No elastic that leaves marks on the thighs

- Super soft fabric

- And no label that '' stings ''!

Well there you have found the perfect underwear. All in jersey, even on the thighs and waist, and a sticker label that will satisfy the most sensitive, mom's word!

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The location of the pattern may vary.

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Care instructions: As easy to wash as to wear! All our products can go to the washer and dryer, medium cycle