About us

Would it be possible to offer comfortable, non-gendered and original underwear? Are you keen that your child will really like? If he likes patterns, he's going to want to wear them, right?

This is what we believe at Moondies Kids
Who is better placed than a parent to know the needs of his child ... apart from perhaps the child himself.

We too are mothers. Listening to the needs of our children, just like you.

What we offer you:

- panties and boxers with a unique pattern
- super comfortable underwear
- products made here (like your child;))
- sweet, beautiful, crazy!

We ... but who are we?

Creator and owner:

Cécile, this is the brains of the business! A go-getter, who believes in her ideas, she is much more than an entrepreneur. She is an artist, who creates the patterns for her fabrics herself.

Convinced that every child should wear the clothes they want, she designed a totally unisex collection.

But gender is not flat. Because according to her, we must put beauty and sparkle in each of our actions ... even in the choice of our underwear.


Geneviève is the extension of Cécile's brain, the one who manages the small details and who comes in as a reinforcement when Cécile, to quote her, "is in trouble".

Where does the name come from: Moondies kids?

Well, in the definitions attached to the moon, we find ... the buttocks! So it made sense to us that a company that made children's bobbins would join the moon. Moondies kids was born! And the moon is so present in children's imaginations, the stars, space, there is no limit to what we can invent, just like our exclusive patterns.

Ready to joint on the Moondies Kids adventure with us?

Imminent lauch ...

Long live the free underwear !