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What if we got potty trained

What if we got potty trained

My potty training stuff

Potty training is undoubtedly an important step in a child's development. And it’s also a big relief for parents after this step. Since our underwear is now available in sizes 6-8 years (oh yes!), I thought it was the right time to talk to you about cleanliness. After all, this is how our collection of underwear was born: with learning how to clean my son. Here are some tips that helped us live this period well.

Underwear that looks like them We can say what we want, it's a lot more fun to learn something new when we have tools we like. And it works for everything, including toilet training. I remember when I wanted to buy my son’s first underwear. I had a lot of trouble finding panties or boxers with no cartoon characters. It was then that I went down to my studio with my boy and said to him, "Choose the fabric you want. This is how I created the first Moondies underwear. If your kids are like mine, they have sensitive skin and marks easily. I thought to myself to learn how to be clean, it would be normal to be comfortable in my pants. So I decided to create a model without elastic. Everything is in comfort.

We follow our mom instinct If there is one thing that we all experience as mom, it is the overload of advice. Whether it is our entourage, blogs, magazines, radio, etc., there is always an expert somewhere to give us advice… and there is always another expert to say something else. Sometimes you just have to follow our mom instinct. For example, I could see that my son was too afraid to go to the bathroom overnight ... even though there were night lights everywhere in his way. So we decided to put a potty in his room. Hop! He felt safe, so no reason not to go.

The essential accessory: waterproof car bench protection! Even if we leave with the best intentions in the world, we always end up being nervous for the first car trips of our child in underwear, right? For my part, I installed a waterproof protection for my son's car bench. It gives you peace of mind ... Even if I got to know all the exits of the highway because my son always wanted to stop to pee! Psst. The waterproof protection is also great for picking up crumbs.

Sometimes it takes a little motivation.

It should not be forgotten that many things are learned much more easily by playing. I want to tell you about the Minimo Motivation Ludique potty training chart. With this board, your child will advance the pee or poop magnets to the rhythm of his successes. It’s sometimes the small autonomy that it takes to motivate them.

In the end, there is no one better placed than you to know your child. Follow his pace and have your little tricks. The important thing is to support it. No matter how long it takes, he will know that you are proud of him. Do you have a story about toilet training for your children? Find Moondies underwear on our site!

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