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1-2-3, put some underwear

1-2-3, put some underwear

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Where to start?

Potty training is certainly one of the most scary steps when we are parents! Nobody wants to pick up the mess on the floor right? Or even change your child 101 times in a day!

But between you and me, it is pretty sure that it will happen to you anyway.

Toilet training is characterized by testing, waiting, hope and sometimes even surprises.

Before saying more, I would like to mention that potty training is a team effort between parents and the educator. That means that cleanliness starts at home and continues at the daycare ... and continues at the daycare. Yes yes, you read that right, I repeated it twice and it was wanted. It means you start at home ... Don't tell your child's educator that he doesn't have accident at home when it's not true. Do not tell the educator that he is always on underwear at home when it is not true. As an educator, we know that this is not true and it makes us less willing to work with you. I can tell you that some parents are trying to give us little quick talk about what is going on in their child's underwear.

In short, before pulling your hair out and understanding this famous must-have passage from early childhood, I have some advices to give you. Write it down somewhere and make sure you never lose it! First thing, do not hurry your child. Stop putting pressure on him. He is not even able to manage his toast in 4 pieces yet. How do you want him to understand that he need to pee and when he should go to the bathroom? I guarantee that at 18, it will be a thing of the past. I'm pretty sure his little poo will do it in the bathroom. But, unfortunately I can not guarantee you the trace of break for example in the bottom of his boxers pants! Eurkkkkkkkkkkk-eee! This is typical boy! As well get used to it right away!

Second very useful thing, you know, when your child is ready and he shows signs of cleanliness, like putting down his pants alone, being able to sit on the toilet or on the potty alone and he clearly tells you that 'he wants to pee .. THIS IS THE MOMENT! Take time for your child! Not just one morning, no no no! At least 3 days!

I'll tell you a little bit about how it worked for me. I was planning a 3 day schedule. I left my child wearing underwear and watched for the slightest sign. If he wanted to go to the toilet 5-6 times over a 2 hour period, perfect my boy. I never prevented him from doing so. I was there for him, to accompany him!

I must admit that we got it easy. No training pants, nothing. In 3 days, it was settled.

However, I am aware that it is not the same everywhere. If you ever want to spoil yourself or rather spoil your child: www.moondieskids.com will soon have washable training pants! Just saying! My third thing is to listen to a video found on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9roYb7P7LBc Children enjoy listening to it and the message is still very clear. I know children who, after listening, were clean in the days that followed. Finally, my last really cool thing is the motivation board! Those from https://www.minimomotivation.com/categorie-produit/proprete/ are really great! By the way, I don't get paid to tell you that! The valuation of good moves is undoubtedly very winner! It increases their self-confidence and they feel more important. So, it is conducive to beautiful poop in the toilet! Finally, with these tips, you are ready to go a long way with your child. Remember that washable training pants are ideal. They save you money and you even make a gesture for the planet! We like that, don't we? :) Text written by Amusement VD for Moondies Kids

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