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Spring break- top 10 of the best activities

Spring break- top 10 of the best activities

Yes ! It's the return of Spring Break! Because we are always looking for new ideas to occupy the small family, we have prepared OUR top 10 paid activities, free or at home.


1- Time in the libraries

No matter what city you live in, libraries are full of great ideas for fun. Story time, DIY ... Check with your library.

2- Time in museums!

In addition to offering great diversity and events for all ages, museums offer special activities for Spring Break. We will probably go to the Musée de la Civilization in Quebec, which offers us to go on an adventure. You can even take advantage of the free museum access card rental in the libraries

3- Rest and be bored!

Who says we have to run all over the place? Spring break is also a good time to give free rein to our imagination and spend time wearing underwear, without doing anything!

4- Small or large park? Whether in the park next to your home or in the SEPAQ parks, we get some fresh air! We take advantage of the free skating rinks or the multiple activities organized by SEPAQ. Oh if you are curious, discover the Enchanting Domain, it's magic 5- Go to the SPA! During the holidays the spas offer mornings for children. It's time to introduce them to an activity usually reserved for adults!

6- A hollow pits and small cookies! Take advantage of spring break to introduce the little ones to baking. Pleasure and sweet mouths guaranteed. Then if you don't want to put flour everywhere in your kitchen, go and discover a small cafe in your neighborhood. Here we love the donuts of La Folle tablée ... 7- Playing outside? Oh yeah! We take doses of oxygen as soon as the weather allows it! We build forts, we paint on snow or we simply organize a slide race. Our Pinterest is full of fun ideas

8- or play inside? Whether board games for slightly colder days, here our favorite games come from Placote. Or they are invented: a cabin, a Ninja course or a search and find life-size ... 9- A moment with friends! Because spring break is at the same time for everyone, it's time to see our friends and share memories. In gang we can rent inflatable games from VD Amusements, fun guaranteed! 10- And family time! Because the main thing is that, creating memories and sweet moments, always in underwear ;-) Have fun

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