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Valentin's day for little one

Valentin's day for little one

Valentine's Day ...

At my house, we celebrated all the holidays with a big heart-shaped cake, pumpkin soup or pancakes in the shape of a Christmas tree!

My mother competed in ingenuity year after year to offer us the most surprising thematic dinners. In my little girl's head, I have a wonderful memory of it! I say remember, but it must be said that she still offers us this kind of supper at each party! Now it's my children's turn to experience these magical dinners.

Today, I too am trying to highlight these holidays in my own way. For Valentine's Day, there will be on the menu, of course chocolate, but also small attentions, small thematic crafts (we found you full of ideas right here) I find it important to highlight the holidays. First, it gives us a special occasion, whether it's to wear a nice piece of clothing, eat a meal that everyone likes, decorate the dining room ... And then, it gives a landmark in time, a special event that the children are waiting. Because waiting is pleasant, it creates excitement, anticipation.

No need to spend a fortune to celebrate Valentine's Day. We all have a piece of red or pink clothing (even if it's a pair of underwear!). We take construction paper and we make little hearts to place on the table. There are 2-3 small candles (I like fake candles, safer with small hands) and there you are, party time! Your children, like mine, will love it for sure.

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