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Halloween, take the time to live it creatively

Halloween, take the time to live it creatively

It is often said that Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday. However, Halloween is no exception. Since this is a party for children, we close our eyes a little on the money we can spend on candy, decorations, costumes, etc. Let's face it, it's because parents too like to see their children go off to conquer sweets treats that they say nothing

Candy: yes or no?
What? Question candy on Halloween? Yes ! There are more and more people who question the fact of giving candy on Halloween. They prefer to offer small notebooks or small toys. This reflection began with the arrival of the blue pumpkins. Do you know the blue pumpkins?
Blue pumpkins are a worldwide movement that paints its blue pumpkin to show that it offers non-food surprises to allergic children. Thus, allergic children are not left out on Halloween.

What if we finally avoided giving candy on Halloween? After all, we know it’s not good for your health. It is not an easy reflection to do. Some parents allow candy regularly throughout the year. Others control them very carefully. For the children of the latter, Halloween is a time awaited all year round. As in everything, moderation tastes much better. Why remove everything? It would be better to go sparingly and take the time to enjoy the candy. After all, we all have a favorite candy. Which is yours ?

Costumes made at home or bought ready made?

Do you remember when you were young how were your costumes? I remember my mother asking us a few months in advance how we wanted to be disguised. Then we would choose the pattern and she would make it. Today, we are all in a hurry. Our schedules are filled with a ton of responsibilities and a ton of activities. Not to mention that many have lost the tradition of sewing. So it's easier to go to a store to buy a full costume.

In those time when we know we need to reduce our consumption, buying a new suit every year may not be the best option. It is easy to find accessories at home or in second-hand stores to create a custom suit. Sure, it takes creativity and a little more time. Good news, it gives more original and more colorful costumes. And at the same time, the memories will last longer.
Halloween is today! Do you already have your children's costumes? If not, make it a special activity. Find the accessories in the house that could create a costume out of the ordinary. You may even already have elements of disguises. Be creative.

Do you have Halloween traditions? Why not create them right now, for example by creating busted costumes with items you already have? Why not make sure the candies are appreciated and savored? Take the time to sort them out and maybe redistribute those that are not loved to avoid throwing them away.
And if at home you have children who are afraid of Halloween, accompany them quietly. At their own pace. No need to force them to ring the doorbell. It can be a good opportunity to show their generosity by letting them give the candy to your doorstep instead. And after all, it says it. Halloween is a party. So if nobody is having fun, it's a missed date.
Enjoy Halloween to your liking, without getting lost in the incredible expense of costume and candy. The magic happens when you let your creativity express itself.
Happy Halloween!

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